For small business owners, controlling expenses is one of the most important parts of remaining a profitable company. WordPress has created a revolution in the small business world because it allows small business owners to create and most importantly update and change their websites all for free. In my opinion EVERY small business needs a website.

WordPress is simple to use which means that even if you use a web developer to create your site, you can make changes whenever you want. Here are 7 good reasons why WordPress is right for your small business needs.


1. No Cost

You can download WordPress to install on your server and use it for free. This means that you are not paying anything out of pocket to obtain the program. However, you may have to pay a small amount to have a server host your website and purchase a WordPress theme or plugin, although there are thousands you can use for free.

2. Intuitive to Use

Even if you have no technical experience with websites, you can learn how WordPress operates within a few minutes. This allows you to make posts, pages, widgets, menus, and a wide variety of other media quickly and easily. For small businesses, this allows them to make changes when needed to take advantage of a new selling environment.

3. Plugins

Arguably the best reason to use WordPress is the plugin. These are programs that will update your website, improving its functionality in the areas where you want to excel. There are over 50,000 plugins available today and many are designed for small businesses to improve marketing, security, and add other important features such as shopping carts so customers can make their purchases.

4. Secure

While no software system is bulletproof WordPress is one of the most secure systems you can find. This is because the software is continually updated and improved so that new patches for better security are created. Being secure is vital to small businesses interested in protecting the privacy of their customers, so WordPress is the best on the market in this regard.

5. SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most effective passive form of marketing on the web. WordPress is designed with SEO in mind as a single plugin can really boost your web traffic. For small business owners, taking advantage of SEO means building up a substantial customer base.

6. Incredible Support

With millions of active users, developers, and numerous forums, the WordPress community is strong, thriving, and quite helpful if you should have an issue. With so many great blogs dedicated to WordPress, you can find answers, get helpful tips, and learn new aspects of the software within minutes. So, if something goes awry or you just want more information, the WordPress community is here to help.

7. Customization

Another powerful feature that WordPress offers is that it is open-source which means you can add new codes and change what you want to create a unique website. While the default functions work for many businesses, the ability to customize when you want so it functions how you want is a powerful feature that can really help you grow your business.

If you are running a small business, getting WordPress will provide you with a powerful means of online support thanks to their numerous benefits.

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