Whether you’re looking for someone to create a logo for your website or write full 500+ word articles, Fiverr is one of the most popular websites providing these services and more for only five bucks. When Fiverr was launched, it brought about a refreshing change combining the new age gig model made popular by Uber with professional online services all at a very low cost.

You can check out my article outlining How You Can Enhance Your Website Using Fiverr. While Fiverr is certainly one of the most popular sites providing these kinds of gigs online, there are many alternatives out there that can provide similar – or in some cases, superior quality – work.

1. Upwork

upwork-logoFormerly known as oDesk and since re-branded as Upwork, this online marketplace is a top choice for many businesses worldwide. For any kind of service, you can choose an expert or opt for a suggested freelancer who is an experienced in a particular sector.

2. Freelancer

freelancer-logoFreelancer is one of the largest platforms for selling and buying freelance services in over 850 categories. There are more than 16 million experienced and talented professionals available on Freelancer who bid for projects of their choice. As a customer, you have the privilege to pay only after being fully satisfied with the work. You can get $20 free by signing up here.

3. PeoplePerHour

pph-logoPeoplePerHour has a lot of talented, experienced and creative freelancers who provide services in a variety of areas such as web development, design, promotion, marketing and content creation. Here you can purchase gigs called “hourlies“, and if you sign up here they will give you a complimentary £20 towards your first gig.

4. SEOClerks

seoclerks-logoSEOClerks is one of the largest SEO marketplaces on the web, with offers geared towards helping you gain traffic to your website. They assert that they have over 100,000 users offering over 150,000 services geared towards webmasters and SEO, many of which start at just $1.

5. Fourerr

fourrer-logoUnlike the other alternatives, Fourerr hosts gigs at $4 which is a dollar less than that offered by Fiverr. Other than that, it is pretty much the same as Fiverr and definitely worth the time to check out at such low prices.

This list suggests five great alternatives to Fiver. Depending on your budget and what type of service you are seeking, you may opt for one of these over the other. Truthfully, all of the alternatives listed above are promising and are secure platforms; the best way to find which is best for you may just be to give each one a try and go from there.

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